Holland Skating Marathon (1963)

Elfstedentocht 1963
Leeuwarden, Friesland

Holland (Netherlands).

Various shots of blazing torches lighting the scene at the start of the ice skating marathon race, skaters busy fitting skates. Various shots of the skaters going off into the night at Leeuwarden. Various shots of the skaters going through villages along the frozen canals. LS. Clock tower in one of the villages. GV. Snow scene, a windmill next to a small cottage. MS. Men clearing the snow to make the ice track visible. MLS. Helicopter hovering before landing on snow. MS. Crowd of people being blown by draft from helicopter propellor. Various shots of the Queen Juliana and Princess Beatrix of Holland, the Queen’s daughter, getting out of the helicopter and joining crowd near finishing line at Leeuwarden. Crowd near finishing line at Leeuwarden, Friesland. GV. Large crowd around finish as skaters start to arrive. MLS. Hotel at night. Various shots at special reception for the winner of the race Reinier Paping. Man delivering speech – natural sound. MS. Section of small audience applauding. MS. Winner posing with his runners up. CU. Reinier Paping. Date found in the old record – 13/02/1963. Natural sound only at the end of the item.

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